Second Visit

Picture in same location.

Picture in same location.

My second field visit was on September 27 around from 5:20pm until 6pm. The length of this day was 11 hours and 57 minutes. It was 74 degrees F at this point in the day, and it was quite windy. I noticed more plants this time than on my first visit. When I tested the water for dissolved oxygen, I noticed that the water is definitely getting colder as we head into fall and winter (last time the water was 19 degrees Celsius, and this time it was 15 degrees Celsius). I found that the dissolved oxygen levels were 4ppm and 40% saturated. Also, the swampy area that was very soft and filled with water the last time I was there was now more firm. I especially noticed the water this time as well. After doing the pond study, I looked at this water in a different way because I knew that there were tiny organisms in it that I couldn’t even see. On this visit, I didn’t see as many other organisms like toads, birds, or bugs. I did see and hear a flock of geese fly over. Also, I noticed how fresh it smelled at my location.


More of the green


Some of the leaves on the trees.


Stream water.


After the dissolved oxygen test.


One response to “Second Visit

  1. hcbiology

    Looks good. 4ppm vs 40? Your pictures are great and will show changes well!

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