First Visit


My location has lots of trees, some marshy areas, and a stream. My first visit was on September 8 at 6:50pm. It was 76 degrees with scattered clouds. The sun was out sporadically during my visit, and there was a slight breeze. The length of the day was twelve hours, forty seven minutes, and fifty five seconds. While I was at my location, I saw quite a few different elements of nature. There was a large yellow jacket hive(see photo below), various tracks, many different types of plants and trees, some flowers, a baby toad, and even a bunny. There were also many different sounds that I heard while I was in the woods such as birds chirping, water trickling, toads croaking, and leaves rustling. I really enjoyed this visit because it was a good time to just relax and enjoy God’s creation.


The stream where I am taking my samples from.


The exact water where my samples are coming from.


The tree I am using as a landmark.


One of the tracks that was by the stream.


Baby toad.


The hive.


God is good.



Getting a water sample.

Below is also a video of some of the sounds I heard.




One response to “First Visit

  1. hcbiology

    Excellent start! Do you recognize your tracks?

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